Enlarged Prostate Symptoms Can Be Managed

The human body is a complex organism, as is every living thing. As we delve more deeply into explaining human physiology, we seem to end up with as many questions as we find answers. Our current state of knowledge about testosterone and the effect on our body and emotional well-being is now quite clear with fewer questions outstanding, but there is always room to learn more.

We do know that testosterone is the life-giving hormone that drives our sexuality, our voice depth and body hair, our muscle mass or the lack of it as well as our body fat ratio. And we know that there can be a reduction of testosterone produced by our testicles as we age – though the jury is still out as to whether the lower levels of testosterone produced is because we have adopted more sedate activity levels as our lifestyle habit, or is our lower level of living actively because of lower levels of testosterone and more research is needed to find out.

Certainly we do know that it is the free testosterone in our blood-stream that does all the good work and that this represents only about 2 – 4 % of the total testosterone in our system – the rest of it being kept in storage by its protein bonds so that the kidney and liver don’t break it down and excrete it as waste. Boosting our testosterone level, in fact, means boosting not only the total production level of our testicles, it mostly means boosting the free testosterone in our blood supply so that it is active in our system doing the good work we want it to do.

General speaking, if you want to have a bigger penis, better sexual performance or increased sexual desire, you will be able to get all you need with these penile enlargement products, which are designed by medical health doctors and scientists. They usually offer safe, fast and permanent penile enlargement results.



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