How to Choose a Moisturiser That Suits Dry, Menopausal Celtic Skin

There are many factors that affect the health of your skin. The epidermis is one of the largest organs in the body, so it is very important to take care of it! Some of the main building blocks of the skin are collagen and elastin. These proteins make up the composition of the skin and are naturally produced by the body. As we age, these proteins begin to drop in numbers, and wrinkles and skin blemishes appear as we get older. Fortunately, there are ways to rebuild collagen and elastin.

Collagen and elastin are skin proteins that can not be absorbed through the skin. What you want to do is to apply an ingredient to the skin that will actually stimulate growth of these proteins and help it to look young again! There are many skin care products that claim to do this.

As you know, there are a wide variety of products that claim to stimulate growth. Unfortunately, many of these traditional cheap products you see at the store are not safe to use on the skin. If you see ingredients such as synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, and mineral oil, you should steer clear of these products!

You want to use only natural products that include only natural ingredients like Cynergy TK. Cynergy TK naturally boosts your body’s ability to make collagen and elastin. Once the production of these proteins increases, you should begin to see the wrinkles fade away! The great thing about these products is that they are completely safe, and you can use them as much as you want on your skin. You no longer have to worry about whether you are applying ingredients to your skin that could actually damage your epidermis a few years down the road. In the next few years, you will begin to hear about the damaging effects of the traditional skin care treatments, so switch to natural skin care products today.


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